What is Brain-Based Chiropractic?

I'm delighted that you're considering the health and well-being of both yourself and your family. It's truly the most precious gift you can offer them and yourself. At SCV Family Chiropractic, we're excited to share something remarkable with you: the NeuroInfiniti. This isn't just a typical device; it's an advanced tool that provides insight into the functioning of your brain and nervous system. It acts like a health GPS, pinpointing precisely what your body, and that of your children, needs to maintain optimal health.

Imagine the brain as the command center, orchestrating everything from dashing to meetings to unwinding with a great book. In our fast-paced world, it's common for both adults and kids' brains to become overwhelmed. This is where the NeuroInfiniti shines. It's quick, entirely painless, and in just 12 minutes, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your internal workings.

You might wonder why this is crucial. Consider the brain as a bustling traffic network. When everything functions smoothly, health flows effortlessly. But any disruption can lead to various issues, such as frequent headaches, constant fatigue, or even more severe conditions like anxiety or depression, in both adults and kids.

The great news is that we have the tools and expertise to realign everything. We specialize in deciphering brain signals, determining if your or your child’s brain is trapped in an overactive 'survival mode' — like the tension from a major work project or a child's tantrum — and guide it towards a more peaceful, healing state. It's akin to retraining the brain to recognize the difference between a real emergency and a minor hiccup.

Our Stress Response Evaluation is an excellent starting point. We assess how your and your children's bodies respond to various stressors — whether it's emotional stuff like balancing family life; chemical influences such as diet; or physical strains. What's more, we evaluate how effectively your body recovers from this stress. This isn't just a regular check-up; it's a thorough, interactive process tailored to meet the specific needs of each family member.

And don't worry, the process is incredibly simple and comfortable. We attach a few sensors, you and your kids follow some straightforward instructions, and that's all. Within about 20 minutes, we gather extensive data to craft a personalized health plan for each of you.

Why not take this step towards better health for you and your family? Come in, let's talk, and discover how we can help you and your kids feel your absolute best. Your body (and your family) will be grateful!

Looking forward to welcoming you and your family soon!